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Riding on Monte Amiata

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Guides from the Ambassador Riding Centre will accompany you and aim to show you something of the rich diversity found in this area. Different rides go through varied landscapes;the beech woods on Amiata, the lusher countryside down in the valleys, the scrub on Monte Labbro.It will be a memorable experience.


Arrival at the hotel in the late afternoon and a cocktail to welcome you.

Dinner with traditional local dishes and accompanied by great wines from Montalcino, Montecucco, Scansano and Montepulciano.


Amiata’s Wines

To day will be spent in giving you an idea of what the area is like.The first visit will be to Montenero where we visit one of the most interesting wine producing estates in the Montecucco area, Perazzeta, and then go to the WineMuseum to discover the history of wine making round here.

Next we visit the Castello Banfi, a major wine producing estate in the Brunello area.You can taste their prized wines in the shop, and in the castle itself you can visit the GlassMuseum which traces the history of bottle making through the centuries.Awalk along the road to the castle between the rows of cypress trees is a must.

Next we go to Montalcino where besides visiting the old centre we visit the Fort.The town is also an ideal place for lunch.

10kms. further on we reach the beautiful ninth century Abbey of Sant’ Antimo where the monks still sing the Offices in Gregorian chant.

Before returning to the hotel we go to the riding stables to meet the guides and see the horses.

Return to the hotel in the late afternoon.Wines from Castello Banfi will be served with dinner.

DAY 3 - First day on horseback

Discovering Monte Labbro

After breakfast at the hotel leave for the riding stables for the first ride.

Route: Monte Labbro and the WildlifePark

Type: Nature

Time taken: 6hrs.

Degree of difficulty:average

Lunch: packed lunch

We ride from the stables to “Merigar”, a Tibetan community where we visit the very interesting ‘Gompa’ or temple.The next stretch takes us the Monte Amiata’s Wildlife park to see how protected species are enabled to live in absolute tranquility within it thanks to the hard work of all the people involved in the project. The countryside is very characteristicwith few trees and rocky outcrops.

After the park we ride up to the top of Monte Labbro (1193m) to see the Torre di David, all that remains of the nineteenth century religious community, followers ofDavid Lazzaretti.The landscape is particularly arresting.

After a brief halt we head for home and will arrive back at the hotel in time for dinner.

DAY 4 - Second day on horseback - Sasso della Vettoraia

After breakfast, leave the hotel for the stables.

Route: Along the rocky path ‘della Vettoraia’

Type: Romantic

Time taken: 6hours

Degree of difficulty Average

There are so many possible rides round here, but the one to Sasso (rock) della Vettoraia can’t be missed, for here you can feast your eyes on the indescribably beautiful view. This morning’s ride takes us up to the rock. While the horses rest, we go on foot a few hundred metres before starting to climb the rock face. After squeezing through a natural hole in the rock we emerge onto a little platform which gives us this astonishing view: Arcidosso’s Aldobrandeschi tower, Monte Labbro, Monte Aquilaia, the Senese hills and the Colli Metallifere. You are in fact standing on a huge trachyte mass of lava, but you feel surrounded by a sense of peace and tranquillity.

After this halt we return with the horses to the stables.

Return to the hotel for dinner


Monte Amiata’s Hot Springs - Abbadia San Salvatore

Breakfast: a buffet at the hotel.

Today is given over to culture and gastronomy. After reaching Abbadia San Salvaltore we visit the old centre, the Abbey of San Salvatore and the Museum of the Mines.

Lunch at “Il Gatto e la Volpe” (The Cat and the Fox) restaurant.In the afternoon we go to the hot springs at Bagni di San Filippo. The hot water gushes out over rock encrusted with lime, atbetween 25 and 52 degrees, so it is possible to bathe here even on the coldest winter day. Bathing in the hot water pool relaxes both body and mind and is most invigorating.These waters have several medicinal properties: they are good for both your skin and your hair, but their best effects are on your muscles.

Return to the hotel for dinner.

DAY 6 - Third day on horseback - To the Top of Monte Amiata

Buffet breakfast at the hotel

Leave for the riding stables

Route Along the Chestnut Way

Type: Woodlands

Time Taken: 6 hours

Degree of difficulty: Very difficult

Lunch: Packed lunch

After leaving the stables along a series of tracks andpaths we reach the “Strada della castagna” (The Chestnut Way). Indeed Monte Amiata’s chestnut woods are among the most famous in Italy. They grow on the slopes in the provinces of Grosseto and Siena and for many generations they were the principal source of food for the inhabitants of this splendid mountain in southern Tuscany.

It is possible to do the whole ride in half a day; the scenery is varied and the glimpses of the surrounding landscape are unequalled.

Return to the stables and then to the hotel for dinner.

DAY 7 - Fourth day on horseback - Santa Fiora, the Pearl of Amiata

Route: Santa Fiora and the Convent at Selva

Type: Art and culture

Time taken: 6 hours

Degree of difficulty: Average

Lunch: Packed lunch

We reach Santa Fiora along thickly wooded paths, dirt roads and sandy tracks. Santa Fiora was the seat of the Aldobrandeschi and Sforza families and is one of the many villages on Monte Amiata. A little further down, outside the walls and beneath the castle’s ruins we reach the Peschiera (fish pond) a large medieval and renaissance structure built round the source of the River Fiora as a place to farm trout. Our ride continues for another 8 k.ms. towards Selva and the Convento della Santa Trinita (Holy Trinity Convent) surrounded by a natural oasis of silver pine. After a short halt we set off for home.

Return to the hotel for dinner.


Final departure after breakfast.

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