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Wildlife parks and reserves, trekking on Monte Amiata

Because of its natural features, Amiata is really a huge open air museum, where nature, art and culture meet and happily merge. It is a place to experience, a place to breathe fresh air and enjoy the atmosphere of close contact between man and nature.

It is an ideal place for trekkink enthusiasts. The woods are easily accessible for riding, walking and mountain biking, and a network of paths follows ancient tracks of mushrooms and fruit gatherers, linking the various villages round the mountain.

There is a total of 215 Kms of marked paths subdivided into two sections, with 19 main paths and other minor ones. The principal walk is the "Anello del Monte Amiata", a walk that circles the summit between 1050 and 1300 m. and is about 30 Kms long.

There are also 13 other areas that are protected and managed in order to preserve their environment, flora and fauna. Monte Amiata's Wildlife Park, located within the nature reserve on Monte Labbro and crossed by paths, extends over almost 200 hectares and is used for study, the protection and preservation of several species, such as the wolf, and some ungulates which live in semi liberty in defined areas within the park.

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