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The clear air and fragrant, springs and streams at high altitudes, the leaves of the trees. The thermal baths of San Filippo and Bagno Vignoni, San Casciano dei Bagni, Petriolo Saturnia and several swimming pools. The slow passage of time, the rhythm marked by church steeples, the cycles of harvesting and curing of the wood. The paths in search of medicinal herbs and wild orchids.

Air, fresh water, woods, hot springs and medicinal plants

Monte Amiata has an abundant supply of fresh water. Two of its springs, one at Santa Fiora the other at Vivo d’Orcia supply the provinces of Siena, Grosseto and Viterbo. Other hot springs rise from deeper within the volcano and feed several thermal spas: Bagni di San Fillippo, with its calcareous limestone encrusted cascade (Balena Bianca, the while whale), unique of its kind;the ancient baths at Bagno Vignoni; on the opposite side of the mountain the famous spa at Saturnai looking out over the Maremma; the baths of Petriolo, beside the road to Siena, and finally the baths at San Casciano in the ValD’Orcia.

The woods are another of Amiata’s features and thanks to the work of the Consorzio Forestale dell’Amiata, these were the first in italy to receive a certificatefor sustainable forest management under the PEFC scheme.This recognition, quite apart from rewarding the responsible management of our woods andcreating a much greater awareness of environmental sustainability, served to promote the whole area and helped to bring the quality and value of local products to people’s notice and create a direct link between the product and the environment.

Monte Amiata is also rich in medicinal plants which grow more profusely than anywhere else. Aurelio Visconti is the expert and in his workshop in Abbadia San Salvatore he makes liqueurs either by maceration of infusion. Antonella uses her detailed knowledge of these herbs in her cooking at the ‘Ristoro del Parco Faunistico”.
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